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Acquisition Searches

Acquiring, Merging or Partnering With Another Corporation 
Based Upon Your Specifications.              

Corporate growth, added diversity and larger profits, are very desirable goals. Acquisitions can be far more efficient and timely than organic growth. Some frequent examples are;

    • Acquiring a corporation
    • Merging corporations
    • Creating a joint venture
    • Buying a product line
    • Acquiring a license to manufacture
    • Crafting a defined mutual purpose alliance

Many of these agreements produce immediate increases in profitable revenue accompanied by broader brand presence.
The option of specifying your target relationship should be firmly in your hands. The particular characteristics of  a prospective partner corporation  need to meet your expectations and suit your vision.

Over the past forty years, we have brought hundreds of corporations together in varied and clearly defined mutual agreements.  It's likely
that one of our many completed transaction examples will be attractive to you.  

We invite your call or email to discuss your specific objectives. 
All of our work is preformed within the utmost of confidential treatment.